Concept: White Horse & Folch
Director: Pol González Novell
Camera Operators: Juju Lutti & Bernat Mestres
Camera Assistant: Pol Renom
Sound: AngelSound
Autotune Mix: SHB
Final Master: The Groove Sound
Music Supervisor: Recordplay uk
Production: White Horse (Natalia Triviño, Ferran Bassaganyes, Tamara Raimondi, Carlos Perarnau)
Executive Producers: Albert Folch / Rafa Martínez /Pol González Novell
Art Direction: Folch
Makeup Supervision: Jessica Aguirre
Styling: Rebeca Sueiro
Editing: Pol González Novell
Assistant Editor: Pablo Carpal
Photography: Marina Roca & Ivan Salvador
Light Collaboration with Protopixel
Outfit: Lacoste

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